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Sellers always worried about lisitng the products becasuse none of them have patience to read the long page the terms and conditions.So we make it simple for sellers to understand what is .

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Have Retail Outlet..?#4 reasosn to consider listing with us

If you have a retail outlet the main resource of income comes always from the local market not from online sales though the online sales are always an extra income but you have to spend much effort to maintain the online presence

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How to increase retail sales through us...?

A recent study shows 65% of people still happy in retail shopping this is not because

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5 ways to promote your store online

There are different ways to promote your store online we haved added only 5 ways and we provided some links that we feel like more suitable to you

We would like to bring together all retail outlets to display their shops,products and offers to our website.So it works like a local repository where people can find out the shops,product and offers around them. Though we are in a Read More

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