Have retail outlet..? #4 reasons that you might consider listing your store in shopandproduct.com

by Sreyas   19-Jun-2024

If you have a retail outlet the main resource of income comes from the local market not from online sales though the online sales are always an extra income but you have to spend much effort to maintain the online presence because ecommerce websites are spending lots of money for the same. Here is your #4 reasons where retail outlets can consider listing your shop, product and offer details with us

1) Is 0% sales commission means reduced prize or more benefit...?

zero percentage sales commission

We don’t take any sales commission .Our objective is to connect shops and shopaholics. We list your products in our website and promote your products in the social media with the other products. It is like advertising your shops, products and offers 24*7 . Customers can comment and to ask with you so you have an option to show your sales skill. So you have all the options to decide no sales commission means reduced prize to customer or more profit to you.

2) You still using old methods to let know your offers in local market


You might be using print media Ads still and social media promotions for market in locally and though they have their own advantages but you have to make sure that your tweets, posts are available when the customer opens. But shopandproduct.com helps to promote in locally we provide location search to the users so customers can easily find out most of the people buy online sometimes they don’t know their desired product available nearby.

3)Needs online traffic or on foot traffic or both...?


As we have mentioned in our other blogs we don’t sell anything but the customer wants to buy how they will do we have options that redirect the customer to your website or will provide your customer all the information you provide to us. Our service won’t give any difference if you don’t have online sales website but if you need an online store then you shopify is one of the best solutions.

4)Your customer can pay product cost not your advertisement fee

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You may wonder how much the cost of listing product in our website. Our listing fees are free and you can list up to 50 products for free .Need more products either you can delete and add the products again or upgrade to a premium member. When the customers are more interested in your product we will increase your product limit accordingly.

PS:If you would like to know more about the listing conditions then you can consider clicking here or make a call or live chat is available