5 ways to promote your store online

by arther 19-Jun-2024

There are different ways to promote your store online we haved added only 5 ways and we provided some links that we feel like more suitable to you

1) Double your social media presence

double the online presence

Social media presence is one of the greatest way to increase sales.Facebook paid advertising is one of the best social media campaign in India. There are lots of groups in the face book where people post their product and sell directly to customers without any guarantee but mutual trust. This is a good idea if you are on a low budget and try different automatic social media posting tools according to your budget. One tricky tool to get some likes and followers is Addmefast not recommend.But if you are a small seller no issues trying it

2) Pay per clicks

If you have a good budget try using the pay per click it is very helpful but expensive. Combine with Google analytics will give you a very good idea where to spend money on. Various ways of pay per click is available with google.One is Remarketing then displaying your content in various website that we feel it brings better conversions to our site then another option is keyword search.You will get good Google support in Pay per clicks irrespective of your budget. Click here login to Google payper clik in the following link

pay per click

3) Search engine optimization


Higher rank higher sales. Build a higher rank takes time but an effective SEO options will help your search visibility and brings the right customer to reach in to your website .Instead of just website traffic bring the right people to your website helps better sales. There are around 200 factors that Google will consider follow these websites singlegrain backlinko gives the right ideas rather than following different other websites

4) Blog writing

Contents on a regular update will get a boost in the search engine optimisation and you are engaging with your customers . Once you build a nice reputation with your customers they will recommend your content, more likes and shares on the social media as well importance of the social media presence we have already discussed

Blog writing

5) List your products

List products online

List your products in various major websites will always makes the sales. If you haven’t started listing we recommend adding your products though some of them take listing fee and some of them takes sales commission.But shopandproduct.com don't take any sales commission and you can list 50 products for free.  Sign up Now