Thin Crust Pizza (Dough)

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When was the last time you ate REALLY good pizza? How about today? This dough sets you on the path to finger-licking enlightenment, whether for a quick meal or a fancy dinner party.

The secret? Our artisan yeast dough that makes assembling amazing pizzas fast, easy, and completely foolproof.

Required equipment: OTG oven or Tandoor oven (temperature of 220°C and above)

Size: 200g, makes 2 pizzas (8-inch)

Description: This product comes as pre-sized dough balls. Simply defrost the dough, roll out to desired thickness, top with your favorites, and bake. The dough makes pizza with a crust that has a pleasantly crisp bite and an aromatic yeast flavor. Thicker crusts are soft and airy, while thinner crusts become more crispy

La Farine

La Farine supplies fresh doughs and batters in India (e.g. pizza dough, cookie dough, pancake batter, cake batter, bread dough, sweets, etc). La Farine’s products make homemade breakfast recipes, dinner recipes, snack recipes, etc. quick and easy.
No14, Chandra Reddy Layout, Koramangala, Bangalore 560034
Mobile: 9880637983

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