Healthy Rotis (Just Heat)

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Living healthy can be hard, but it doesn't have to be! Our line of Healthy Rotis helps you make those small everyday changes that can make a huge difference to your family's health.

Our 3 Healthy Rotis are designed to make living healthy easy, delicious, and suited to your family:

Fitness: our signature roti made from 5 different types of seeds and grains, designed to help your family make that little healthy change, without anyone noticing the difference
Digestive: a fiber-packed roti that helps you stay full longer and supports good digestion
Purify: a low-carb roti made from specialty flours such as barley and chana, which helps naturally reduce sugar and starch intake

Required equipment: tawa or microwave

Size: 400g, makes 8 rotis

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La Farine

La Farine supplies fresh doughs and batters in India (e.g. pizza dough, cookie dough, pancake batter, cake batter, bread dough, sweets, etc). La Farine’s products make homemade breakfast recipes, dinner recipes, snack recipes, etc. quick and easy.
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